PJ Lends Voice to Internationally Acclaimed Movie

Jazz vocalist PJ Parker lends her voice to the soundtrack of “A Drop of Love,” a short film making an impression at international film festivals.   Parker sings “It’s A Beautiful World,” a song with lyrics by Golam Mustofa and Christopher Rinaman and with music by Jonathan Rabson.

Written and directed by Mustofa, himself a Bangledeshi-Canadian, “A Drop Of Love” is the true, quirky love story of a Canadian student and a Bangledeshi-Canadian girl.  It brilliantly interweaves live action and animation in telling its story.

In March, the film won five awards at the American International Film Festival for Best Director, Best Actress, Best Animator, Best Narrative Feature, and Best Animation Feature.  In addition, the film was recently selected for inclusion in the Park City Music Film Festival, and nominated in the “Best Use of Music in a Feature Film” category. It had its first screening on May 29.

Remarking on PJ’s singing, Mustofa said, “PJ Parker’s smooth and expressive vocal perfectly complemented the song ‘It's a Beautiful World,’ which was likely a big factor in our film breaking into the festival and the industry.”

Rinaman added, "PJ and her carefully crafted vocal artistry brought my song to a truly beautiful, musical world!”

Read more about the movie here: http://www.thedailystar.net/newDesign/news-details.php?nid=231903